Pursuit of Eternal Happiness or Eternal Bliss:

Since immemorial time, every human being has sought to be "Happy". However due to our inherent ignorance we look for this happiness in people, things and places. The material world which is full of sorrow and suffering is incapable of quenching this inborn thirst for peace and happiness.

मामुपेत्य पुनर्जन्म दुःखालयमशाश्वतम् ।
नाप्नुवन्ति महात्मानः संसिद्धिं परमां गताः ।।
(श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता - 8.15)

Few amongst us, realize this and proceed to seek happiness through God or Brahm. Even fewer actually succeed in Self Realization or attaining Brahmanand. However there lies an even higher realm of "Eternal Bliss" and "Everlasting Joy" which is attained only through the Divine Grace of Shri PriyaPriyatam. This is the state of PREMANAND or Divine Love for our Yugal Sarkar where all forms of Self Realization or Brahmanand fade in its comparison.

Maharajji's Vision: Bestowing Nitya Vihar Ras:

Maharaj Ji through his satsangs, is providing us the unique opportunity to understand and attain the privileged and intimate state of "Prem". His vision is to bestow the NityaVihar Ras (नित्यविहार रस) initiated by Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu in the hearts of those taking his shelter.

Maharajji's nectar filled lectures elevates us to a state of everlasting joy. We move beyond Brahmanand and get a taste of the Supreme and Most Confidential Love between Shri PriyaPriyatam expressed only in Vrindavan Nivrit Nikunj (वृन्दावन निवृत निकुंज) and witnessed only by the personal associates of Shri Ji known as Sahchari (सहचरी).

Maharajji's Philosophy:

Maharajji's Satsangs are precise and prescriptive. At one end of the spectrum he lays bare the most basic and ground level issues we all face in the form of Anger, Greed and Lust prescribing the means to overcome them. At the other end he immerses our hearts in the divine pastimes of Shri PriyaPriyatam. He clearly states the measures that need to be adhered to if one truly wants to attain PriyaLal.

Maharaj Ji continuously emphasizes the need to understand the key principles described in the Shastras (शास्त्र). We must begin to value concepts such as celibacy (ब्रह्मचर्य) and renunciation (वैराग्य) because a mind attached to the world cannot even conceive the true nature of PremRas (प्रेमरस).

Maharajji's message for new generation:

Today our lives are consumed by mere sense gratification and achieving materialistic goals of fame and fortune. The once upheld values of patience, truthfulness and righteousness are being forgotten.

Maharaj Ji wishes that the upcoming generations should be able to lead a properly regulated and balanced life despite the influence and domination of a modern western lifestyle. It is absolutely essential that every aspect of our life is in accordance with our Shastras (शास्त्र) & values stipulated by our Guru or Spiritual Master. For understanding these things Satsang is a necessity.

हमारी प्रत्येक चेष्टा शास्त्र और गुरु सम्मत होनी चाहिए, यह परम आवश्यक है
Maharajji's Preaching & Belief:

His preaching is an amalgamation of the principles of Vedic scriptures and Divine Love for Shri ShyamaShyam.

Drawing content, verses and examples extensively from Scriptures such as Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, Shrimad Bhagvatam, Ramayan, Ram Charit Manas, Vrindavan Mahimamrita and the Vaani of Rasik Saints of Vrindavan, Maharaj Ji creates a unique concoction capable of submerging even the most worldly and sinful souls in pure love for PriyaPriyatam.

His love and belief in Vrindavan Dham is unparalleled in the current time. He always emphasizes the importance and role of either residing physically in Vrindavan Dham or at least mentally taking shelter of Vrindavan Dham. Maharaj Ji believes taking shelter of Vrindavan Dham directly or indirectly is the assured method of attaining "Divine Love for Shri PriyaPriyatam".

He has experienced the "Causeless and Infinite Mercy" of Shri Ji and he takes great PRIDE in being her personal associate (सखी). He constantly urges everyone to have faith in Shriji's Loving and Forgiving Nature, which is the only means of reaching her. Shri PriyaLal can be reached only by their Grace, is the heartfelt belief of Maharaj Ji.

श्री प्रियाप्रियतम साधन साध्य नहीं, अपितु कृपा साध्य हैं

Maharaj Ji is extremely forthright, open and altruistic in his approach. To him everyone is just the reflection of the God in different forms with different nature and behaviour. He believes we all belong to God. but we have lost our true identity, purpose and perspective under the mesmerism and fake glamour of Materialism (माया). We must realize the true purpose of our existence and return to serve Shri ShyamaShyam.

ममैवांशोजीवलोकेजीवभूतःसनातनः। मनःषष्ठानीन्द्रियाणिप्रकृतिस्थानिकर्षति॥
(श्रीमद् भगवद् गीता 15.7)

While our relationship with the Supreme is defined by different emotions (भाव) - Shant, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya, Gopi and Sahachari Bhav, at the end we all are worshipers of the same lord. Hence he has utmost respect and love for all sects.


A child inherits the nature of their parent, the servant imbibes the qualities of their master and a friend reflects the personality of friends.

By the Divine Grace of Shri Ji, Maharaj Ji epitomizes utmost Innocence, Humility and Unconditional Love. He exemplifies "Tat Sukh Bhav" and leads his life to give happiness to others.

Essence of Maharajji's Satsang:
  • Udeshya (उद्देश्य) - The ultimate goal of human life is to attain Shri PriyaPriyatam. That is the highest purpose and right of every human being.
  • Dridhta (दृढ़ता) - Be resolute in achieving this significant and crucial goal with paramount priority. Do not get swayed by materialistic needs or for the attachments, love and affection of worldly people.
  • Ashray (आश्रय) - Take the shelter of Vrindavan Dham directly by residing here or indirectly through thoughts. Vrindavan has the Power to fill your heart with Divine Love removing every stain that has accumulated from various births. It is the easiest and assured method.
  • Chintan (चिंतन) - Consciously and constantly engage your mind in thinking of Shri Shyama Shyam. The mind is habituated to thinking of worldly attachments and materialistic desires (विषय भोग). This may be difficult in the beginning but after taking the shelter of Shri Vrindavan Dham & Chanting the holy names the heart scorched from uncounted previous births will slowly find peace and solace.
  • Naam (नाम) - Spend every breath to take the Holy Names of Yugal Jodi because life is short and unpredictable, and time is precious. (बहुत कम समय है इसे व्यर्थ मत जाने दो).

We need to have complete & unquestionable faith in Shri ShyamaShyam and totally surrender ourselves to our Sadguru.

Precautions For Every Spiritual Aspirant:
  1. Keep Good Company: Stay in the company of saints and those having devotional thoughts and behaviour. Avoid the company of non-devotees. If they are your dear ones (like spouse or parent) and you cannot avoid physical proximity at least refrain from mental association.
  2. Eat less and only what is offered to Shri PriyaPriyatam: What we eat plays a major role in the constitution of our behavior and thoughts which impacts our spiritual practice. We must be careful and cautious in our food habits.
  3. Avoid Blasphemy, Criticizing and Finding Faults in others: God resides in everybody and everything. Our habit of finding fault, quickly criticizing and often back stabbing will completely ruin our spiritual progress and we will never be able to experience true bliss. This is the biggest pitfall for spiritual aspirants. ( परचर्चा, परदोषदर्शन और परनिंदा से कभी भगवदानंद की अनुभूति नहीं हो सकती है )
  4. Solitude and Focus Inwards: Do not indulge in meaningless and unnecessary gossip. Practice to speak less and only what is related to Shri PriyaPriyatam. As far as possible stay in solitude focusing your thoughts on PriyaPriyatam.