Shri Hit Chaurasi

लीला जुगल दरसि ज्यौं परी | तैसैं पद करि वरनन करी ||

Anant Shri Vibhushit, Vanshi Avtar, Paratpar Prem Swaroop - Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu, portrayed the mellifluent and blissful pastimes of Shri PriyaPriyatam in his Vaani Shri Hit Chaurashi, as it is he beheld.

Shri Hit Chaturasi (श्री हित चौरासी) is a collection of 84 verses (पद) composed by Shri Harivansh Mahaprabhu. This is one of the main Vaanis (Scriptures) of the RadhaVallabh Sampradaya. Shri Hit Chaturasi describes the mellifluent and blissful pastimes between our Jugal Sarkar Shri PriyaPriyatam as seen and experienced only in the Nivrit Nikunj (निभृत निकुंज). In this Vaani some verses express the early morning beauty of PriyaPriyatam as they rise and walk slowly through the woods, other verses vividly narrate the rhythmic dance and music during Raas. In some verses, Shri Harivansh Mahaprabhu as Hit Sajni Sahchari playfully teases beloved Pyaari Ju and in some cajoles her to leave aside her Maan (मान) and meet her Beloved ShyamSundar. Other verses describe the exceptional and unmatched beauty of Shri Ji.

Importance of Reciting Hit Chaturasi Ji:

Reciting the verses of Shri Chaturasi Ji is complete Sadhana (साधना) in itself and is an assured way of pleasing Shri Ji. Just as a court jester sings the praises of the King and Queen, we must sing the glories of Shri ShyamaShyam described in Chaturasi Ji to please our beloved Yugal Sarkar. Every single word in Shri Chaturasi Ji is divine and has the capability of immersing one in the Nitya-Lilas (नित्य लीला) of PriyaPriyatam.

Chaturasi Ji is undoubted Prem Samudra (प्रेम समुद्र) - an ocean of divine love. Many Rasik Saints have remained engrossed for weeks in just one line of Chaturasi Ji. Such is the Supreme capability of these verses. If recited regularly and lovingly Shri Chaturasi Ji not only frees us from the repeated cycle of birth and death but allows us to partake in the personal sewa of LadliLal. Those who have the opportunity of Reciting or Listening to Chaturasi Ji are most blessed.

भव-जल-निधि कौ नाव, काम पावक कौ पानी | प्रेम-भक्ति कौ मूल, मोद मंगल सुखदानी ||
निगम सार सिद्धांत, संत बिश्राम मधुर वर | रसिकनि कौ रस-सार, सकल अक्षर रस कौ घर ||
चौरासी श्रीहित हरिवंश कृत, पढ़ै सुनै निशि-भोर | छूटै-चौरासी भ्रमनि तें, निरखै जुगल किशोर ||

(गोस्वामी श्रीहित वनचन्द्र जी कृत)