Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu has composed the Yamunashtkam. This comprises of 8 Sanskrit Sholkas (श्लोक) where Shri Hit Acharya Charan praises Shri Yamuna Ji for her ability to destroy all forms of material attachment and bestow Pure Devotion for Shri PriyaPriyatam.

Those who take the name of Shri Yamuna, or visit the banks of Yamuna (Darshan), or intake a sip of Yamuna Jal (आचमन), or bathe in her Holy Waters (स्नान) will surely be freed from the most intricate and difficult to cut worldly bonds.

This extreme attachment or "दुरंत मोह" towards our self and family and fascination for pleasures remains within us despite years of spiritual practice. However, reciting the glories of Shri Yamuna Ras Rani can once and for all destroy this material attachment or " मोह ". Shri Yamuna Ji is called Kalind Nandini, as She has originated in the mountains of Kalind, Shri Hit Acharya believes that the Yamuna Ji presence in Vrindavan is a manifestation of the deep heart felt love of Shri Ladli Lal. (लाडली लाल के ह्रदय का महा प्रेम ही श्री यमुना के रूप मै हैं )

Reciting Yamunashtkam will provide the following benefits:

  • Develop Deep Love for the Lotus Feet of Shri Kishori Ju - अनुराग भक्ति
  • Complete eradication of Worldly desires - भवरोग का सबीज नाश
  • Freed from fear of death - मृत्युभय का नाश. Yamuna Ji was granted this boon by her brother Yamraj, whosoever chants Her name will not visit Yamraj.

Yamuna Ras Rani Ki Jai