Ekantik Vartalaap

अब उपदेश भक्ति कौ कह्यो, जैसी विधि जाके चित रह्यो | लह्यो सु मनवांछित सफल ||
सब हरी भक्ति कही समुझाई, जैसी-जैसी जाहि सुहाइ |  आइ सकल चरननि भजे ||

In Conversation with Pujya Shri Maharaj Ji, The Ekantik Vartalap is a special session held every day, where aspirants and devotees can seek clarifications on any issues or doubts they are facing in their spiritual progress. This session is open to all, but questions must pertain to devotional life or spiritual challenges only. Those who are seeking initiation (दीक्षा) from Maharaj Ji can also put forth their requests during Ekantik Vartalap.

Ekantik Vartalap is Maharajji 's humble endeavour to provide one to one guidance to those seeking Shri ShyamaShyam. Maharajji's advise is tailored as per each seekers capability and position in life e.g. responses to a householder differ from those for a renounced saint or a beginner on the path of devotion.