Shri Hit Sfut Vaani

Shri Sfut Vaani is a collection of 23 verses (पद) and 4 phrases (दोहा). Sfut Vaani emphasizes on Key Principles only. These principles help attain single-minded dedication (अनन्यता), pure devotion (भक्ति) and divine love (प्रेम).

The composition of Sfut Vaani:
  1. Key Principles - 4 dohas and 2 kundaliya.
  2. Exclusive Dedication (अनन्यता) - 7 verses on loyalty (निष्ठा).
  3. Teachings (उपदेश) - 4 verses.
  4. Birth of Shri Ladli Ju and Lal Ju's Beauty - 5 verses
  5. Walking in the forests - 3 verses
  6. Aarti - 2 verses

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu is widely regarded as the bestower of "Ras" and Sfut Vaani portrays the importance of building a sound foundation for this "Ras" consisting of unshakable principles.