Shri Radha Naam Kirtan

Experiencing the divine sweetness of Radha Naam, is the motive of these soulful Kirtans.
Radha Naam Mahima (राधा नाम महिमा): Why Should We Chant Radha Radha?
  • Radha Naam Param Udaar (राधा नाम परम उदार): Radha Naam is supremely powerful and benevolent. Chanting one name of Shri ji, has the ability to drown us in Maha Prem Ras.
  • Radha Naam Roopi Parag (राधा नाम रूपी पराग): Just like a bee is compulsively drawn to the nectar of a flower, ShyamSundar is drawn and never leaves those who chant Radha Radha
  • Radha Naam se Vrindavan Vaas (राधा नाम से वृंदावन वास): Shri Hari loves Radha Naam so much that he grants those singing Radha Radha the right to stay in Pyaari Ju's Nij Mahal - Shri Vrindavan. Hence, it should be our constant endeavor to reside in Vrindavan and Chant Radha Radha, Shyama Shyama.
Why Engage in Kirtan ?

In the initial stage of spiritual practice (साधना) it is difficult to tame our restless minds and engage in Lila Chintan. Kirtan which is the singing of holy names accompanied with music is an easy way of turning the mind towards PriyaPriyatam. The melodious beats and sweet name will soon captivate the heart and you will find yourself effortlessly clapping and moving to the beats.

Pujya Shri Maharaj Ji, therefore, advises his disciples to engage in Kirtan on a regular basis.