Prem ki Peer

Prem Ki Peer (प्रेम की पीर) is a collection of verses composed by Shri Bholanath Ji popularly known as Bhori Sakhi (भोरि सखी) a Rasik Saint from the RadhaVallabh Sampradaya. Prem Ki Peer verses are heart-wrenching and deeply moving as they describe the intense longing (विरह) and love of Bhori Sakhi for Shri Ladli Ju. The overall mood of the verses is one of humility and self-abasement as she weeps and cries experiencing severe pangs of separation from her beloved.

It is said that Bhori Sakhi's lament was so emotional and touching that the Brajwasi's (ब्रजवासी) would pray to Shri Ladli Ju to give him Darshan. Listening to or reciting Prem Ki Peer will intensify our love for Shri ShyamaShyam.