Daily Satsang

तहाँ जाति कुल नहीं विचार, कौन सु उत्तम कौन गंवार | सार भजन हरिवंश कौ ||
या रस मगन मिटै भव-त्रास, सुनहु रसिक हरिवंश-विलास | श्री हरिवंशही गाइहौं ||

Maharaj Ji's Satsangs have a UNIVERSAL APPEAL due to his simplicity and practical approach. He quotes extensively from scriptures such as Shrimad Bhagvatam, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, Sri Ram Charit Manas, Vrindavan Mahimamrit and The Vaani of Rasik Saints.

Each concept is meticulously explained and backed by Shastras. The Satsang dispels even the smallest of doubts of a spiritual aspirant might have. Maharaj truly believes everyone has the right to attain Shri PriyaPriyatam irrespective of birth, caste, or stature and this human life must be utilized for attaining Divine Love for Shri ShyamaShyam. The Satsang provides the methods & strengthens our will to do so.

The exuberance, positivity and confidence, Maharaj Ji exudes through his Satsangs is due to his deep faith and extreme pride of being Priya Ju's Sahchari.

प्यारी जू की ठसक, हम श्यामा जू के बल अभिमानी

The daily satsang provides a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in "Prem Ras".
In Daily Satsangs, Pujya Shri Maharaj Ji sing the glory of:

  • Ras Upasana and Lilas of Shri PriyaLal
  • Vrindavan Mahimamrit (वृन्दावन महिमामृत ) (Supreme Grace of Vrindavan Dham)
  • Bhakt Charitra (भक्त चरित्र ) ( Life & Teachings of Prominent Saints)
  • Essential Principles of celibacy (ब्रह्मचर्य ) and Renunciation (वैराग्य )