Ekantik Vartalaap

( Important Q&A )


It was a great desire of the Rasik Sanths and worshipers that the devotional and divine vachanamrit of Pujya Maharaj Shree should be captured and available in writing, so that everyone can contemplate them continuously. Seeing the strong curious nature of the important questions regarding the importance and value of spiritual foundation in our day-to-day life and Maharaj Ji's solutions regarding any issues blocking the spiritual path, Brahmacharya, ballanced spiritual life etc. has been captured and published as a collection of episodes with a thought thus it will prove beneficial to everyone.

Available at:

  1. Khandelwal & Sons Book Store, Near Radhavallabh Mandir, Vrindavan-281121, Uttar Pradesh

  2. Shri Hit Radha Keli Kunj, Parikrama Marg,
    Varaha Ghat, Vrindavan-281121, Uttar Pradesh

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